beer brewing kitsMany people who are new to beer brewing are quite surprised at how common this hobby is.  There are a lot of questions to be answered, such as:  What kinds of beer can I make? What options are available? What equipment do I need?  This site will those questions for you and provide you with the resources, equipment and guidance to get you on your way to tastier brews.

If you are new to the world of beer-brewing, you might want to check out, where you can get video training that will not just take you step-by-step through the brewing process, but shows you how to do everything.

If you are looking for a wider selection of flavors and styles,  check this out.  Here you can find 641 different home brew recipes.

You won’t believe this, and I didn’t either until I saw the reports, but you can actually use beer as a diet resource!   Drink Beer and Lose Weight details a program that allows you to reach your ideal weight while still drinking the brewskies!

What kinds of beer can I make?
The variety of beer that you can make with a home beer brewing kit is limited only by your imagination and bravery.  Many commercial beers available today are the result of a home-brewer trying out some different ingredients.  You may not like every batch you make, but experimenting can lead to some fantastic results.

How do I start?
Being here is the first step.  If you are looking to brew your own, you probably have a good idea about what kinds of beer you like.  Most people start with a home beer brewing kit.  You can purchase these online or at a brewer’s store.  If they are available in your area, they can provide a wealth of information to make your brewing more successful.  As with most things, you can spend a fortune on brewing kit, but you don’t really need to.  Most brewing kits are very affordable and give you everything you need to brew favorite beverage yourself.

What options are available?
Some home beer brewing kits include only the equipment; some contain only the ingredients and others include everything you need.  Obviously if you already have the equipment, you will want to look just for the ingredients or maybe for more recipes.  Ingredient kits take the guesswork out of measuring and wondering if everything you are mixing will work together.   Buying everything in a kit can provide a significant cost-savings over purchasing items separately.

Home-brewed beer is tasty, economical and fun. 

With the beer brewing kits available today, practically anyone can make their favorite suds at home.

Review of Old Foghorn by Anchor Brewing
To date, it seems that Anchor is the only one who does this small beer tradition, although one might argue that the major American lager brewers are making small beer by virtue of few and inferior ingredients.

The Best Beer to Start Brewing
The truth is that there is no magically simpler beer to brew. At the extract level all your brews are going to be pretty much at the same difficulty and will have an equal probability of turning out just fine as long as you are careful.

A valentines day adventure of beer and food
As some will know this a very rich malt balanced beer, brewed with liquorish and damson to make it truly individual. The flavors of the beer seemed to purposely mimic that of the cherry sauce and the beer harmonized well with the meat …. The world is home to thousands upon thousands of beers, each one as individual as a snowflake, an entirely unique world in a glass. It is sad that one can only try so many beers in his/her lifetime, so its best to make…

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